6ix Art Outdoor at The Distillery District



6ix Art Outdoor at The Distillery District

June 27th – July 17th
6ix Art Outdoor Exhibit
From June 27 to July 16, the festival is excited to present a one-of-a-kind art exhibit titled 6IX Art Outdoors. The free-of-charge art installation along Gristmill Lane will feature 13 unique statues, standing over 8 feet tall, painted by some of Canada’s most talented multicultural artists.

Mission Statement

Mara Cataldi – Curator of 6ix Art Outdoor

The ‘6ix Art Outdoor ’ is a constellation of ideas and messages: a place that opens onto a larger cultural and entertaining space, an exhibition that moves through multiple cultures and critically engages emerging ideas and pushes the boundaries of the definition of the art itself. The way that people experience arts and culture is changing, and so too is the type of creative and educational experiences they enjoy. We provide an inspiring and enriching visitor experience that celebrates artistic excellence by thoughtfully engaging a broad group of emerging and established artists and prioritizing diversity in all areas. The “6ix Art Outdoor” will serve as a public space with the goal of fostering intercultural and multicultural dialogue by promoting a more active engagement and awareness within the communities through the use of visual art. This exhibit embraces the value of heritage showcased not only through the human-shape statue but, most importantly, through artists and the cultural richness they embody: stories, ideas, emotions, desires, dreams, and hopes. We are aware that an exhibit plays only a small part in the complex process of promoting art, integration and the respectful coexistence of different communities and cultural practices. Nonetheless, I sincerely believe that this contribution has an extraordinary potential to challenge prejudice and stereotypes as well as create shared spaces and a sense of belonging.

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