The Changing of Seasons at Arta Gallery

On the evening of November 2nd, the walls of the Arta Gallery were lined with newly displayed artworks. Combining two openings into one soirée, Fay Athari, director and curator, proudly displayed Beyond Times and A Golden Glow to the Light of Day. Located in The Distillery District, the space was bright with eager guests mingling […]

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Visual Art at Dirty Talk 2016

On the first Friday of the month, Dirty Talk held their usual Dirty Talk event at Round on Augusta Ave. The bar was alive with music and artists who lined the walls with their canvases. Through the various sizes, shapes, and styles of artwork, viewers were met with a diverse range of viewing and purchasing […]

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Art Toronto Oct 28-31, 2016

Art Toronto Oct 28-31, 2016   Matt Donovan White Weave . 2015 Art Toronto Oct 28-31, 2016 – info – arttoronto.ca — visual art review (@visualartreview) October 12, 2016 #ArtToronto16 — visual art review (@visualartreview) October 12, 2016 Art Toronto Oct 28 — Bloor News Toronto (@bloornews) October 12, 2016 @ArtToronto […]

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