Gladstone Hotel: come up to my

Gladstone Hotel: come up to my





Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1J6

Music starts at 10pm.

( ͡ຈ╭͜ʖ╮͡ຈ ) WISH, MARRIAGE, COUNTRY ( ͡ຈ╭͜ʖ╮͡ຈ )

Following the Opening Reception of Come Up To My Room comes “Any Way You Like” … a multi-media installation inspired by the process of camera-less film-making. Here, watercolour paintings are dissected into smaller frames, scanned, and transformed into animations. These frames are then projected onto fabric sculptures that hang between two large sheets of plastic – swimming like microbes caught between glass slides. Any Way You Like explores the idea of confusion upon inspection, when the magnification of details result in abstraction and a dissociation from their original form.

Environment by MARRIAGE

H.O.C is a multi-disciplinary cross-country cooperative of artists and administrators.

“Toronto band WISH play stripped-down psych rock, and on ‘Retro Grade’ they manage to stuff a lot of spacey jamming into a two and a half minutes. The track appears on the band’s upcoming self-titled debut, and you can hear it in the video below, which also gives you a good look at the lyrics and the band themselves.” ~ STEREOGUM

“From No Wave to Power Pop, Toronto’s Marriage eat up everything within close vicinity only to regurgitate it back onto the floor in a heap of neon sludge. Blending their sound with homemade installations, onstage Marriage creates a nest of spectral delights that await your presence for its hatching.”

COUNTRY – https:/
“Country frontman Beaver Sheppard is one of Montreal’s premier eccentrics. Country’s album, Failure, is legitimately one of the best local releases of 2014.” CULTMTL

DJ BAMBII – futurebeatz/neornb/trap/house/electronic/carrib/hiphop

Tickets: $10 | CUTMR 10 Day Pass Holders: $5