All new, first edition, Feature: Contemporary Art Fair

All new, first edition, Feature: Contemporary Art Fair

will hit Toronto and offer art enthusiasts a truly unique experience “Feature is the first art fair of its kind in Canada, devoted exclusively to contemporary art. As such, it offers a whole new and exciting look: a brand new open forum for viewing, presenting new artists, new ideas, new art forms, and a chance to make exciting new discoveries thanks to a carefully selected group of galleries, chosen by experts in the field.” – Jeanne Parkin, Ambassador, Art Advisor and Collector TORONTO, ON – After incredible buzz in the art scene and beyond about the new and exciting Feature Contemporary Art Fair debuting its first edition in Toronto at the Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre, the fair plans an extensive educational program to compliment the experience. Feature is proud to unveil to its visitors an audacious and inspiring set of talks and guided tours. This varied program featuring leading artists, curators, collectors and critics will bring together expert voices to consider current ideas in contemporary art. Activities are offered to all fairgoers and access is included in the admission ticket price. “Based on its expertise in art fair organization, AGAC is the ideal promoter for this new initiative, which is characterized by innovation, intimacy and curatorial oversight. Feature would like to propose the finest that contemporary art has to offer.”



Julie Lacroix, Director, AGAC For its inaugural edition, Feature talks will address a wide range of important topics such as our ever-evolving art market and the impact of universities in artistic practices. Several talks will engage in exciting and substantial conversations about the artworks presented at the fair. Guided tours led by a variety of arts professionals – curators, writers, scholars, etc. will be a great opportunity to encourage open and critical discussion about the works and galleries within the art fair context. These tours will focus on specific topics as a means to create connections among the galleries and artists with wider pertinent topics in contemporary art. The visits are open to all and will provide a compelling new way of experiencing an art fair and have been generously sponsored by The Esker Foundation. Feature Contemporary Art Fair is delighted to announce it will partner with the Albright-Knox Contemporary and Modern Art Foundation Canada as part of the prestigious Opening & Benefit Evening on October 22. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is a not-for-profit museum located in Buffalo, New York. This unprecedented partnership between these two not-for profit organizations; the Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC), organizer of Feature, and the Albright-Knox Contemporary and Modern Art Foundation Canada—will help increase international visibility for leading Canadian artists. AGAC strongly believes that this collaboration will further the exchange of intellectual and cultural energies between Canada and the United States more generally, and Western New York and Ontario specifically. It will benefit the contemporary art scene in the entire region. About AGAC: The Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC) is a non-profit organization devoted exclusively to contemporary art. AGAC’s primary mandate is to further develop the recognition and strength of the contemporary art market in Canada. By hosting multiple fairs, AGAC believes Toronto will appeal to a broader public of international collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts alike and will be seen as a major destination for the international art market. The Association actively contributes to the dissemination and promotion of Canadian artists via exhibitions and other major events organized in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Beyond defending the moral and economical interests of its members through a rigorous code of ethics, the Association also fosters the public’s interest in visual arts and encourages the emergence of new contemporary art collectors, both private and corporate. About Albright-Knox Contemporary and Modern Art Foundation Canada: The Albright-Knox Contemporary and Modern Art Foundation Canada is dedicated to fostering and sustaining broader dialogue between the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Canadians, including Canadian artists and art patrons, through educational and art-related programs. These exciting initiatives build from the AK collections and curatorial expertise, while advancing the mission and vision of the AK as a global leader in the museum field. Through this broader dialogue, the Foundation fosters opportunities for artistic expression, collaboration, and public discussion around contemporary art on both sides of the border. It is recognized as one of the most distinguished museums of modern and contemporary art in the world, with an innovative exhibition program and globally significant permanent collection. About The Esker Foundation: Based in Calgary, the Esker Foundation is an exhibition center deeply committed to the production and presentation of innovative artistic and curatorial projects. This collaboration will allow the fair to present an expanded program and invite leading experts. Feature online: