Visual Art at Dirty Talk 2016

On the first Friday of the month, Dirty Talk held their usual Dirty Talk event at Round on Augusta Ave. The bar was alive with music and artists who lined the walls with their canvases. Through the various sizes, shapes, and styles of artwork, viewers were met with a diverse range of viewing and purchasing options.

Upon entering, it was impossible not to notice the large fleshy canvas with protruding dismembered dolls pieces. It was the work of Valerie Shvetz, a fourth year OCADu student, who proudly represented her piece. This was her first time combining two and three dimensional elements into an artwork. When asked about her intention, she explained that she “… wanted to build something visceral.” The goal was to create a womb with abscesses growing out of it, juxtaposing null colors with “disturbing content”. Valerie expressed her fondness of using found objects because of the fact that they contain memory. She enjoys finding materials in second-hand stores and discovering the histories and symbols behind them to create conceptual pieces. This artist truly embodied Dirty Talk’s mandate of “… unfiltered expression.” Valerie Shvetz specializes in painting, sculpture, and photography, and is available for commission work. You can follow her Instagram @3names_sold.





Written by Amanda Lindenbach